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Trust your smile and oral health to the Chicago cosmetic dentist who teaches other Dentists how to use Technology and "cutting-edge" Techniques. Dr. Gordon, in the past two years has taught, nationwide, hundreds of Dentists the latest techniques in Minimally-Invasive and Non-Invasive Dentistry. This includes: Perio Protect Method, Dental Laser Treatments, Cerec Technology, FastBraces® and Dental Ozone Therapy.

As a Member in Good Standing of the Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, I practice what I believe, which is to perform the LEAST invasive dental procedure for the problem as it presents itself. As skilled Chicago cosmetic dentists, we do not routinely trim teeth down for crowns or laminates, therefore we place conservative, tooth-saving restorations wherever and whenever possible. For Esthetic Cosmetic changes, we are a Lumineers Certified Chicago cosmetic dental office, which allows us to place Lumineers, specifically -- it is not necessary to remove significant tooth structure to place esthetic porcelain laminate veneers.

We have been practicing "Biomimetic Dentistry" since before that term was conceived! Biomimetic dental principals involve Minimally Invasive Dentistry. Conserving / Saving Tooth Structure, instead of removing tooth structure. As a result of using this Dental Philosophy and Dental Ozone treatment, we have referred significantly FEWER patients to the Root Canal Specialist, than by performing "conventional" dental techniques of always Crowning teeth.

We are a PerioProtect Method Certified Dental Office. This is the latest way to conservatively treat Periodontal Gum Disease WITHOUT Surgery! Basically, we construct a very well fitting rubberized set of comfortable upper and lower mouth guards that the patient will wear with an Antibacterial solution for 15 minute intervals (several times per day). Many of our patients have reported significant reduction or elimination of gumline bleeding, firming up of loose teeth, tightening of the gums around the teeth and moderate to significant reduction of gumline pocket depths (the major problems of gum disease). We have found that patient gumline pocket depth measurements have greatly decreased, many down to less than 1 millimeter in depth! These are equal to or better than results which may be obtained from surgery.

We are the FIRST Dental Office in Chicago and one of less than 20 Dental Offices in the United States that Utilizes Safe, Dental Ozone for treatment of initial areas of decay to allow them to "heal" without drilling, without "novocaine" anesthetic and without the use of any filling material. After a simple, easy, painless and low cost Dental Ozone treatment, the tooth is allowed to remineralize. This treatment has proven research with positive results and has been in use in Europe and Canada for many years. Dental Ozone has many additional uses, and has been shown to be effective in assisting in tooth sensitivity reduction and in areas of deep decay, it has been used to reduce the need for root canal treatment.

Dental Ozone Treatment has many years of research and has been used successfully in Medicine and Dentistry since the late 1800's and early 1900's. Currently, Ozone is not FDA approved for any dental or medical treatment. Please be aware that just because a treatment or medication has FDA approval, it does NOT mean it is both 100% Safe and Effective. Every year, there are numerous (tens of thousands) reports of very negative side-effects from FDA approved treatments and medications. There have been no reported adverse effects from the use of Ozone in Dentistry or Medicine. Dental Ozone is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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This is Cloud Gate, otherwise known as "The Bean" We are located across the street (Michigan Avenue) from the famous Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. The picture below is the view we overlook.