Dentistry at Millennium Park is a family owned and operated Dental Practice located on South Michigan Avenue at the corner of Madison Street. We are directly across the street from Millennium Park.

This dental practice was started in 1941 by Dr. Wilbert Gordon, the uncle of Dr. Stephen Gordon. Dr. Theodore Gordon, Dr. Stephen Gordon's father, expanded and developed the Dental Practice for 50 years. The original office was in the Garland Building and at that time was considered the State-of-the-Art and was the template for many future dental office designs. It was the first Dental Office west of New York City to have reclining dental chairs and High-Speed Air-Driven handpieces (dental drills), which prior to the high speed handpiece were belt-driven slow speed models. Dr. Wilbert Gordon worked on the early development of the Air-Dent Machine ->

Dental Air Abrasion(dental treatment without a drill!), which we use today in an improved technique with 21st century equipment. He also used "white noise" to block out the sound of the dental drills. Today our Electric Handpieces (drills) are MUCH quieter than the Air-driven drills of the past. Dr. Theodore Gordon worked on the early development of the Dental High Speed Air Driven handpiece and was an innovator and originator in the development of Full Mouth Telescopic Reconstruction (which today is known as an Aesthetic Dental Makeover or Smile Makeover). Dr. Theodore Gordon was the first Dentist to also become a Certified Laboratory Technician, his knowledge of dental materials was second-to-none. They were both innovators as well as dental educators and national and international lecturers.

Dr. Stephen J. Gordon has been in dental practice since 1978. He computerized the dental office back in 1981, one of the first dental offices in the country to utilize this technology, at a very early stage. He expanded the use of Technology in the Dental Office with the early usage of Intraoral Dental Cameras which allowed the patient to finally see their dental problems at high magnification on a Television Monitor. Dr. Gordon designed and built the new dental office across Michigan Avenue from Millennium Park, which we moved to in November 2006. Today, we have a considerable amount of Technology.

This includes: a CMU3 Dental Ozone Device, 2 Dental Lasers, a New Design Intraoral camera that is Computer Based, Digital Intraoral Radiography (x-rays without film, which has a much lower exposure to the patient), Digital Panoramic Radiography (a comfortable, patient-friendly, outside the mouth, full mouth x-ray and Bite-Wing [checkup x-rays]), Diagnodent (Painless Laser Decay "finder"), Velscope (Soft Tissue Examination), Kavo Electric Handpieces, Dr. Quicklook (Small, intraoral camera system), Computer Based record system (no paper records, HIPAA compliant), the ability to computer-generate dental insurance claims and, through the internet on secure connections, immediately deliver them to the Insurance Carrier for faster review and payment.

Kyleour part-time Dental Hygienist, has many years experience in our office! She started with us in 1977. She has developed a computerized dental recall system, which accurately tracks patient teeth cleaning appointments. She is Nitrous Oxide and Laser certified. Kyle's knowledge is up-to-date in oral hygiene and home care products. She is Certified in the PerioProtect Method.

Delia, a well respected patient-centered Dental Hygienist, who has a great following and is very talented. She is very knowledgeable in the latest and greatest techniques for healthy teeth and gums and has years of exceptional patient care. She is especially knowledgeable in the "oral - systemic link" which is the link between poor oral health and poor medical health.

Veronicaour Dental Assistant, is also our Sterilization Manager and Teeth Whitening Expert! She has extensive experience in dental office sterilization, monitoring and disinfection of the dental treatment room. She knows the newest techniques in successful teeth whitening procedures and is well versed in new, innovative dental techniques. She knows every aspect of Dentistry and she brings a fresh perspective to our Dental Practice!

Madeline, is an excellent part-time addition to our Team! She has a great touch and is very gentle. She has extensive experience in the latest Techniques and Treatments for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. She is fully aware of the Oral - Systemic Link and will help our patients attain Ultimate Dental Health.

Natasha, is our new manager at the front desk, she brings in extensive outside business experience to our  dental office and has excellent customer service skills.

Pat, is our financial manager who can help you with your financial and insurance questions.

Sheriour Insurance Manager, has many years of dental office management experience. She has many years experience in OUR office. She started with us in 1996. She knows all phases of dental and medical insurance handling.

Their understanding of dental problems, patient concerns and patient apprehension over dental procedures has made Dentistry at Millennium Park, Chicago a unique place for dental treatment. They have learned that helping others improve their dental health, leads to an improvement of one's overall health and well-being.
We, at Dentistry at Millennium Park, Chicago, believe that beauty of body and spirit comes from healing and relaxation, therefore, we built a very comfortable, relaxing dental office.
We are friendly and welcome you to come in for a tour anytime.

We are proud to receive the following honors:​

  • Invisalign Certified - Aligntech Institute
  • VelScope Certified -- Oral Soft - Tissue Lesion Evaluation
  • FastBraces Certified - FastBraces University
  • Certificate of CMU3 Certification from The Florida Ozone Institute (Level 1 Training Certification)
  • PerioProtect Method Certified Dental Office
  • Arestin Certified Dental Office
  • Lumineer Certified Dental Office
  • Oral CDx Certified Dental Office
  • Scientific Intake Certified Dental Office
  • Member, in good standing, of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry
  • Member, in good standing, of the American Dental Association
  • Member, in good standing, of the Chicago Dental Society
  • Member, in good standing, of the Illinois State Dental Society
  • 2008 Member of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago

Hours by Appointment, Only

Phone: (312) 750-9000

Dentistry at Millennium Park, Chicago

8 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1800
Chicago, Illinois 60603

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